By changing your diet, it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes (and significantly improve type 1 diabetes).

Avoid the following foods to markedly improve or even reverse diabetes.

#1 Dietary fat

Fatty food worsens diabetes, because fat makes your cell membranes highly resistant to insulin. The worst kind of fat for diabetes is found in meats, dairy, eggs, and cooking oils (of any kind, even olive oil and coconut oil).

#2 Sugar

Sugar is highly inflammatory. Inflammation is a major factor in nearly all chronic diseases. Sugar worsens diabetes, damages your blood vessels, and promotes chronic pain.

#3 Highly processed (refined) carbohydrates

Crackers, chips, refined flours, cookies, and cakes cause diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These foods are loaded with bad fats and trigger inflammation throughout your system.

What should you eat?

To reverse diabetes, avoid harmful foods and replace them with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. You will experience lower blood sugars and healthier blood vessels. These nutrient-rich foods effectively reverse many other chronic conditions and allow your tissues to heal.

Warning: The effect of changing your diet is very rapid. You may see improvement within hours. You should consult your physician to reduce your insulin and oral diabetes drugs (such as Metformin). It is very important to avoid taking too much medication and experiencing low blood sugar.